Why have a generator?
A power outage can happen at any time. Mother Nature, grid overload and increasing demand all contribute to power loss. The simple fact is that you and your family cannot be without essential systems like refrigeration, HVAC and a well pump, to name a few. Though electricity is easy to take for granted, the loss of power can bring on events that are not just inconvenient and costly, but potentially dangerous. Loss of refrigeration, lighting, heating and cooling systems, mold caused by excessive moisture and the freezing of pipes can cause disasters you’re not prepared to face.

Backup generators are the simple solution to the increasingly common occurrence of power failure. Generators can be programmed to automatically start a few seconds after they detect a power outage in your home. They even shut off and switch back to utility power when it resumes. Generators keep your home running smoothly and keep your family and assets safe.

Wine Energy handles the professional and timely installation, service and repair of any brand of generators. Our service area extends to a 25-mile radius around Manassas. For your convenience, we also sell two of the most trusted brands in standby power systems.


One of the quietest units available, Honeywell automatic standby generators work with a transfer switch to monitor utility power around the clock. Whether you’re home or away, the system will start automatically in the event of an outage and continue to supply power to your home. The best part? You can decide which backup option is right for your home, whether it’s essential circuit, managed whole-house or complete whole-house coverage. Honeywell generators sit outside just like a central air conditioning unit, running cleanly and efficiently on your home’s natural gas or LP fuel supply.


Whether you need a standby power system for a large business, your home, or you need a portable generator at a job site to power tools, Generac has your back. Wine Energy can install a permanent unit to protect your home automatically in the event of a power outage. Just like Honeywell, a Generac system runs quietly and can be programmed to deliver power to your entire home or just the items you choose. There’s no need to run the system manually—whether you’re home or away, a Generac will start automatically when it detects an outage and will continue to run until your utility power returns.