Just like with cars and other machines that play a big role in our lives, heating and air conditioning units require regular maintenance to ensure many years of good service. Our professional technicians take extreme care when working in your home, and always provide you with a quote before a maintenance inspection or work begins. Simply call to schedule an annual appointment with one of our skilled technicians to keep your costs down and your systems running like new.

To prevent high service bills, there are simple actions you can take to keep your HVAC systems healthy between professional inspections. Think of your HVAC unit as the respiratory system of your home. The air filters in your air conditioning unit trap contaminants that float in the air, like dirt, dust, mold and pet dander. Ideally, these filters should be replaced every three to six months to lower energy consumption and to prevent problems inside your unit. If you or someone in your family experiences frequent allergies, you may want to have your unit serviced more frequently.

For heat pumps, you can clean the supply and return registers or straighten fins if they get bent. Hire our technicians once a year to handle the inspection of ducts, filters, and the indoor coil for dirt and other possible obstructions. Our technicians can take care of any maintenance item, from simply checking your unit’s concrete pad for cracks and settling to complete part replacements in your system.

Though doing what you can to clean and replace the accessible parts of your heating and air conditioning unit is crucial for a well-running system, it’s also important to know your limitations. Our professionals replace and repair the portions of your system that are inaccessible, so you can avoid accidental damage and unnecessary costs.

Wine Energy Heating and Air Conditioning services are conveniently available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call (571) 364-6587 to schedule a hassle-free appointment.